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Site Assessment

An Environmental Site Assessment has become the method of conducting environmental due diligence. This property evaluation limits the potential for many businesses, lenders and owners as being named the potentially responsible party.

Phase I

A phase I environmental site assessment according to ASTM (E1527-94) requires an on-site investigation to identify the property's current and past uses. A historical review of the property is conducted to identify physical, geological, hydrogeological and topographic conditions. Record searches are conducted in available federal, state and local governmental records. Interviews are conducted to obtain information indicating recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property.

Phase II

A determination is made whether the integrity of the property has been impacted. This determination is made through sampling and laboratory analysis.

Phase III

A remedial scope of work is developed, cost estimates are provided and remedial activities are completed.


Transaction Screen

ASTM (E1528-93). This investigation includes an on-site investigation to determine the properties use and adjacent property uses. A questionnaire is completed by the owner/operator and a record search is conducted in available federal, state and local governmental records